The 59th International Conference of Scandinavian Simulation Society

  • onsdag 26.september kl. 09:00
  • Sluttidspunkt: 27.sep. kl. 16:00
  • Sted: Oslo Metropolitan University, Oslo
  • Arrangør: NFEA
  • Varighet: 2 dager

  • Pris: 540 € kr
  • Medlemspris: 490 € kr
  • Språk: English
  • Info / påmelding

Conference Themes:

  • Modeling and simulation for design, planning, optimization, control, monitoring and diagnostics
  • Modeling tools, numerical methods for simulation, simulation tools and technology
  • Visualization of modeling and simulation results

Application areas include: Automotive energy systems, Bio energy and biofuels, Biosystems and medical systems, Carbon capture and storage, Chemical process plants, Electric power systems, Energy storage, Energy and climate, Environmental impact, Fuel cells, Geothermal systems, Health and Welfare, Heat pumps, Hybrid and electrical vehicles, Hydro power, Industrial energy systems, Marine energy systems, Mechatronic energy systems, Oil and gas exploration and production, Photovoltaics, processing plants, Power stations, Refrigeration systems, Solar thermal systems, Thermal power plants, Wave and tidal power, Wind power.

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