Digitalization of Automation Systems 2020

  • onsdag 06.mai kl. 09:00
  • Sluttidspunkt: 07.mai kl. 16:00
  • Sted: Meet Ullevål, Olso
  • Arrangør: NFEA
  • Varighet: 2 dager

  • Pris: 9 000,- kr
  • Medlemspris: 7 000,- kr
  • Språk: English
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Automation systems is heavily influenced by what is happening in the IT industry. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is one major player defining a framework for the manufacturing industry. Many other important players like the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the Open Group and the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) and NAMUR Open Architecture are other examples. In the area of international standards, IEC plays an important role.

If you want to cope with the future of automation, you have to understand and get a more hands-on feeling on what  acronyms like OPC UA, AML, AAS, MTP, DDS, PA-DIM and Ontology really means.

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