Cyber Security 2020

  • onsdag 22.april kl. 09:00
  • Sluttidspunkt: 23.april kl. 16:00
  • Sted: Grand Hotel, Oslo
  • Arrangør: NFEA
  • Varighet: 2 dager

  • Pris: 9 000,- kr
  • Medlemspris: 7 000,- kr
  • Språk: Norsk
  • Info / påmelding

Cyber Security 2020 - incidents and mitigations

a Cyber Security conference focus on standards and best practice within the OT area in a life cycle perspective.

We are proud to present our keynote speakers Joe Slowik from Dragos Inc. and Suzanne Lightman from National Institute of Standards & Technology.

We showcase a lot of exciting lectures covering topics of interest for cyber physical industry in Norway and abroad.

Leading standards that apply today will be presented. We also look into how the standards are being applied within different corporations’ governance frameworks and procedures.

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